Animated Video Production

Turn complex things into cartoons


Jira Marketplace explainer video for Activity Timeline

Promo explainer video for Sitechecker product

Main benefits

  • Reduce support inquiries by providing clear, accessible training video production.
  • Increase user engagement and retention with dynamic, informative content.
  • Simplify complex processes and features into digestible guides.
  • Maintain a consistent brand voice and tone throughout your Help Center.
benefits of educational video

Boost your Help Center

educational video for help center

Easily integrate our “How-To” Videos to your Help Center, making it easy for your users to have access to instructions combined with a multimedia learning experience.

Our videos are an accompaniment to your text documentation giving you a combination of both text and visual presentation to satisfy different learning requirements.

Elevate your User Experience

Our “How-To” videos are not only a form of teaching for your users but are also a way to show your users that you are willing to help them to success as well.

You are also showing that you value the time your users invest in your product.

We will work together with you to create SaaS explainer videos that meet your brand, your target customer groups, and features of your product.

explainer video production

How it works?

how to create educational video

Our process from script to screen

  • Getting familiar: Here we take a deep dive into your digital product in order to understand its features, target audience and challenges better.
  • Scripting: Our scriptwriters work hard to create scripts that are informative yet concise; reduced to the simplest steps while sounding like a human.
  • Storyboarding – We develop visual storyboards to show the sequence and what to include in your “How-To” Video.
  • Voiceover: We get our script recorded by our voiceover artists that ensures a clear and confident sound.
  • Editing: This is where the main magic happens. We will record the screen, combine it with the vioceover, produce animations, transitions and much more!
  • Delivery and fixes: You receive a final video file specifically made to fit seamlessly into your Help Center. Nothing is perfect. Thus, if you are not fully satisfied, feel free to add your comments and we will fix any issues for you.

Why us?

We understand that complex digital products can be overwhelming for users.

That’s why we offer professional explainer video production services designed to boost your Help Center and empower your users.

Our screencast explainer video production team specializes in creating engaging, easy-to-understand how to use guides that simplify complex tools and features.

We add a layer of simplicity to the most complex features of your digital product by assigning our team of expert scriptwriters, animators, and sound engineers to work together on detailed explanations of every step.

why to create educational video

If you are not sure what actions to take first, do not hesitate to reach out to us and we consult you for FREE.