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Reliex is a distinguished Platinum Marketplace Partner with Atlassian, offering tools and extensions tailored for resource coordination, strategic capacity planning, and effective time management within Jira.

We’ve created a bunch of videos for their main product- Activity Timeline.
ActivityTimeline serves as a handy extension for Jira, designed to bolster both resource planning and time recording throughout projects. It lays out a clear view of the project’s journey, right from the first hour logged to the time of reporting, assisting in both capacity planning and individual time oversight.

The Challenge

Our app is quite large and has many features, and for new customers sometimes it isn’t easy to onboard on their own, but only around 25% of them are willing to schedule demo calls with us. With educational video content, we can provide a brief overview and explanation to 100% of our customers, which significantly boosted our conversion rate.

Ostap Zaishlyi
Senior Product Manager @ Reliex

Ostap Zaishlyi, Senior product manager

Happy user sliding through the funnel

The Solution

Ostap, the Product Manager of Activity Timeline noted a boost in conversion rates and heightened user interaction during the initial trial phase.

Individuals who scheduled a demo session and watched a video beforehand came better prepared, thus, there were less questions on the demo call and less effort to convert the lead into their customer.

The YouTube channel of skyrocketed bringing more visitors to their website and converting them for a trial. Below you can see the statistics of how the user-engagement improve since we started to work together:

12x more views and watch time
12x increase in user engagemenr
10x more videos that convert users per year
educational video production statistics


1. Video presentation for Jira Marketplace

Working with Jira Marketplace’s ActivityTimeline, we crafted a video that spotlights the app’s robust resource management capabilities. Our focus was on its ease in balancing workloads, visualizing team efforts, and enhancing decision-making through insightful reports. The video efficiently demonstrates how ActivityTimeline simplifies and streamlines both team and individual task tracking and concludes a compelling call to action.

2. Educational video for user conversion

We produced a straightforward video on time tracking in Jira, featuring the ActivityTimeline app. We highlight ActivityTimeline’s ability to bridge the gap in Jira’s native functionality. The video walks viewers through the app’s features making it easier for the active users to adopt the product and for potential leads to convert.”

3. “How to use” video-guide production for SaaS product

Utilizing videos like this offers a range of benefits for businesses. They clarify how your product works, making it easier for customers to understand and use it effectively. Videos are more engaging than written instructions, so they can catch and keep the attention of potential customers better. They also act as self-help tools for current customers, reducing the need for extensive customer support. It’s a time- and cost-efficient way to educate customers and promote your product.

If you are not sure what video will suit the best for your specific need, do not hesitate to reach out to us and we consult you for FREE.