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How cut the costs for customer support

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Sitechecker is a comprehensive platform for enhancing search visibility, ideal for website owners, marketing agencies, SEO specialists, and product managers. It simplifies the task of managing multiple websites by integrating critical data from sources like Google Analytics and Google Search Console into a single dashboard. The platform includes tools for site audits, monitoring SEO changes, tracking rankings, analyzing website data, and more, making it a vital toolkit for efficient online management and optimization.

The Challenge

We didn’t have enough quick and easy-to-implement explanations about how features work. We had only text help docs, and we wanted to get more videos to display the people behind our team, build more trust and help users achieve better results in the app faster.

Additionally, we didn’t have any traffic from YouTube, and we wanted to test it as source of new leads.

Ivan Palii
Head of Product at Sitechecker.

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The Solution

After 1 year of our cooperation, when Sitechecker’s channel grew enough,Ivan and his team started to get many positive reviews from the customers. Many of them were excited to have so actionable and interactive guides inside the app.

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Ivan Palii
Head of Product at Sitechecker:

It definitely has an impact on our retention and conversion rates.
We also started getting more positions in Google SERP by relevant queries, because Google places our YouTube videos there.”

Additionally, Sitechecker’s support team confirmed the fact that the production of educational videos significantly decreased the number of incoming chats and emails. The users who watch the videos had higher product adoption score and consequently had lower churn rate.

The Results

10x more views and watch time

Before we started to work on this project there already were some videos make by Sitechecker’s team. However, they were not performing well. As we can see, there was a plateau on the graph as we started. However, after we produced our first videos and optimized their SEO, Sitechecker’s YouTube channel quickly skyrocketed.

10 times more YouTube Views
Many videos that ranked on the SERP TOP for the main keywords

There are lots of videos that we’ve produce landed on the first place in Google’s video section. This gave the additional boost to the channel and brought more audience into the funnel, further converting them into real customers.

1st place video
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1. Promo video

There is nothing that can showcase he product better within short timeframe than a promo video of a product.

2. Traffic-Tailored Tutorial

Such videos not only showcase the issue itself, however also steer viewers towards conversion. Such content serves as a magnet, drawing increased traffic to your website.

3. Video presentation production for the whole Sitechecker tool

The main reason why team needed such video is that the tool itself is quite complex. There are different types of clients among the main audience of Sitechecker. Many of them were using the tool for the first time. Thus, such video is essential to explain how the product works, so the users can utilize it with the highest potential.

If you are not sure what video will suit the best for your specific need, do not hesitate to reach out to us and we consult you for FREE.