How it works

Quick call

Before diving straight into the creation of a video for your product, it’s important for our team to better understand your product.

The better we understand your product’s features, navigation, and potential, the more effectively we can communicate its value to your audience.

We recommend starting with a quick demo call, as it is an invaluable step in reducing the need for back-and-forth clarifications later on.

demo call



The script is the roadmap of our video production process. Here you will need to explain everything in details in order for us to match your expectations. Make sure this task is handled by someone familiar with your product and customer needs.

Typically, this is where product, marketing, or content managers shine.


In this phase, we will add a human touch to your story OR a touch of a robot.

You can choose both between human voiceover or AI-generated voiceover.

You can pick any accent you need and we will find a right person to complete this task for your video!




Next, we bring your product to life through video.

Our focus is on creating a clean, efficient visual narrative that aligns perfectly with your script. We will minimize any unnecessary on-screen actions for a seamless, professional final product.

This step is all about precision and attention to detail, so every frame contributes to the story we’re telling.

Final cuts

Nothing is perfect and we know it. That is why we are open for your feedback and fix suggestions.

A completed video is immediately being forwarded for your review. Fixes are being made within 1-2 days, so we still have some time until your deadline.

revision fixes

If you are not sure what actions to take first, do not hesitate to reach out to us and we consult you for FREE.