About us

Simon Bezhenov CEO

Our journey began with a microphone, a camera, editing tools and a belief that video can convert visitors into active users.

I’m Simon, the founder and CEO of Videorigin, and this is our story.

Fewer support requests, better product adoption, happier users.

It all started at SaaS SEO tool Sitechecker.pro.

We noticed a trend: Since SEO itself is hard, users often struggled to understand various sections and features of the tool. We came to the conclusion that our users were simply too lazy to read all the articles in the help center.

Thus, we decided that vide guides might be a perfect solution. Many help center articles were populated with vide guides along with the regular text, which reduced the number of support requests significantly.

videorigin happy user

user is being converted

That was just the beginning.

Working with Reliex.com’s Activity Timeline product, we perforemed a quick experiment . The question was: “Could videos drive more users to our website from YouTube?” And the answer was yes!

The volume for the keywords we were targeting for was really low. But due to the high average purchase price per user making such content totally worth it.

That’s when the idea of Videorigin was created. If this worked for us, it could do the same for businesses everywhere.

And so, Videorigin was born – a platform aimed to helping businesses tell their story, and achieve their goals through video content.